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Classic Virginia Farmhouses For Sale

Virginia farmhouses dated back to the 1600s and were often simple buildings made from wood or stone that had been roughly hewn. Many farmhouse properties across Virginia provide interested buyers with an array of options. Not to mention, the modern farmhouse is shaping up to be one of the most popular home designs today, capturing the warmth of a traditional farmhouse and taking on an open-for-interpretation blueprint with classic and contemporary elements. Nevertheless, most of the old farmhouses for sale in VA were renovated, yet still had that unparalleled beauty and charm during its circa. A large majority of early farmhouses can be found in the state’s northern half, particularly the area around Washington, D.C., and the city’s vicinity. In the eastern part of the state, close to Virginia Beach, there are a few more farmhouses equipped with coastal elements and located in urban settings with natural surroundings. These farmhouses reflect Virginia’s past, showing how some areas have stayed the same while others have changed through economic, social, and political influences.

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Farmhouse Real Estate In Virginia

Agriculture has been integral to Virginia’s identity for centuries, with more than 46,000 farms scattered throughout the state. Some have been here for decades and are available today in Virginia’s real estate market. Historic farms for sale Virginia range in size from 0.89 to 838 acres, costing around $14,900 to $8,500,000. Farmhouses are available for purchase, ranging from $80,000 to $49.3 million, and have floor layouts of 1-23 bedrooms and 1-16 bathroom arrangements. Old farmhouses for sale in Va are often two to three stories with spacious internal living space, ranging from 1,652 to 8,796 square feet.

Virginia farmhouses were built in various styles, including Colonial, Georgian, Federal, and Victorian. Depending on when the farmhouse was made, older farmhouses may have a gable roof, brick or wood siding, chimneys, porches, and bay windows. Most farmhouses in Virginia have vast open yards or fenced gardens, perfect for homesteading. Luxury farmhouses often have horse amenities like riding trails, paddocks, riding rings, stables, and arenas. Moreover, those early farmhouses reflect character on the inside. Some homes have handcrafted wooden doors, ornate moldings, detailed fireplaces, magnificent heart pine floors, custom millwork, ceilings, and beams.

Benefits of Purchasing Virginia Farmhouses

Perhaps, one of the advantages of living in a farmhouse that comes to our mind is its proximity to nature, or it is an ideal investment for anyone looking for space to have their source of fresh food and crops. But farmhouses have a lot to offer in addition to the peacefulness and greenery, especially the old farmhouses of Virginia, making the purchase worthwhile. Many early Virginia farmhouses boast top-notch features deeply entrenched in historical value while offering modern amenities. Most of the historical elements of these houses have been preserved and enhance the home’s market value and long-term return on investment. Depending on your taste, farmhouses can also be modified; many Virginia farmhouses began as very modest structures—just enough space to house a young farm family. As the needs grew and the farm became prosperous, the family could expand the house.

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