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Texas Tract Homes For Sale in Simi Valley

In the northeastern part of Simi Valley, you’ll find beautiful Texas Tract homes for sale in a family-friendly community. Every area has its fair share of quirks and perks, but for Texas Tract, such quirks and perks are tame, and there are plenty of exciting things to know! It is one of the popular areas for home-buyers moving or relocating to Simi Valley. Generally, the neighborhood comprises older homes on larger lots with wide sweeping streets on a gently sloping downhill. Tract homes for sale are primarily craftsman and single-family homes. Most of the neighborhood’s residents love how it exhibits a fantastic small-town vibe and how adjacent it is to Los Angeles, making commuting to work conveniently. With a close-knit community offering a wide range of homes and an assortment of stellar outdoor activities and career opportunities, Texas Tract of Simi Valley is a suitable place for people and families looking to escape from congested, high-cost urban living.

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Texas Tract Real Estate Information

Catering to a wide assortment of residents, you will find a wide range of houses for sale in Simi Valley for every budget and size or home layout preference. In the neighborhood of Tract especially, homes are mostly modestly sized, have a single-story or two-story layout with 2-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms floor plan, and cost around $500k up to more than $1 million. Texas Tract features Craftsman homes with classic ranch-style architecture. The single-family detached homes in the neighborhood are comprised of four subdivisions: the Bellwoods, the Alpines, the Parklanes, and the New Monterey’s. The neighborhood of Texas Tract is a bedroom neighborhood, meaning it is a residential area where most residents commute to a nearby city for work. So, although homes in the area are a bit dated, it is worth the purchase for young couples looking for a starter home or buyers looking to purchase a move-up home with a large lot in the suburbs yet conveniently near the city.

Lifestyle in Texas Tract, Simi Valley

Texas Tract has been designed to support a wide range of lifestyles as a community committed to fostering an environment for families. Undoubtedly, it has grown into a thriving neighborhood that the residents adore for its safe surrounding and breathtaking mountain scenery. Homes in this area are in proximity to residents’ needs. There are many schools in the neighborhood and public parks. For residents who run errands and go to their work, the city of Simi Valley provides a wide variety of easy and efficient transportation choices. Simi Valley Transit services offer fixed path bus routes with connections to the Los Angeles METRO for convenient daily commutes. Other than beautiful Simi Valley houses, it is also full of entertainment and activities. Numerous hiking paths wind through the large foothills to the city’s north. Residents can also play golf at the nearby Simi Hills Golf Course. You can also find an array of nightlife options around town. For an evening movie, while being served dinner in your seat, you can head over to Studio Movie Grill or Cultural Arts Center to enjoy everything from classic plays to new-age musicals and comedy sketches.

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