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South Pasadena Water: Overview

The City Water crew came out today and replaced my old water meter with a brand-new one at my home on Palm Avenue. According to what I’ve been told, the City of South Pasadena Water is replacing older or damaged meters before going on to other types. My South Pasadena property had a vintage water meter because it was constructed in 1903. The procedure moved along quickly. The service technician informed me they needed to replace the water meter and requested authorization to turn the water off for approximately 10 minutes. For those unaware, practically all water meters in South Pasadena are located directly in front of the house under a tiny concrete cover. The serviceman exposed the old meter to me by raising the concrete surface. Because the glass that covered the meter was so old, worn out, and filthy, it was impossible to read.


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New Water Meters

The replacement meter was installed and tested after the main water supply was turned off directly in front of the meter. The main meter was softly and slowly opened back up before testing because air might enter the water line when these are replaced. It’s crucial to avoid quickly increasing water pressure in older homes with outdated galvanized pipes and potentially flimsy connections. Any pressure spike can result in leaks in those aged pipes. Any increase in pressure could result in leaks in such old pipes. As a result, the City is gradually replacing these meters; expect yours to be replaced at some point. If your meter is older, it will be sooner; if your home and meter are modern, it may take longer.


South Pasadena Water Highlights

A water meter’s useful life typically lasts 15 to 20 years. Older meters are frequently less accurate and more prone to problems with maintenance. Once we began the project in April 2017, the majority of the water meters in Pasadena were close to 17 years old. The replacement program ensures that the City bills customers for all the water utilized, even though replacing the meters costs the City money. Current meters most likely measure 90% to 100% because of age. 96% precise. As a result of the current meters’ 99%–100% accuracy in measuring water, your bill may slightly rise after the installation of your new meter.


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