River Rim Homes for Sale in Bend, Oregon

River Rim Homes for Sale

With 40 acres of open space, parks, and trails for homeowners to enjoy, this planned development is a pleasant neighborhood that spans around 150 acres. River Rim homes for sale offer the finest of Central Oregon’s active lifestyle. The nearby Old Mill District and downtown Bend are only a short drive away and have shops, restaurants, entertainment, and art. River Rim homes for sale offer a price depending on their location and neighborhood, with the most costly properties having views of the Deschutes River’s eastern banks. Aside from having areas that are great for families, River Rim is known for having parks with lots of playgrounds for kids and yards with luscious landscaping full of summertime picnics.

Even though many single-family homes and more expensive River Rim homes have access to the Deschutes River, living space is adequate, possible, and can be found at different price points. River Rim HOA Bend, Oregon, divides the area into four distinct regions and pricing points; this inviting neighborhood has a property for sale that will likely match your needs.

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Activities to do in River Bend, Oregon

You will never be bored at RiverRim Bend Oregon, because it provides year-round leisure. River Rim RV Park is where you can do many different things, such as rafting down the Deschutes River, swimming, fishing, and golfing. Additionally, you can find people mountain biking and hike along the picturesque Deschutes River Trail, which is adjacent to several homes. You can also bike through the fast single track at Phil’s Trail Complex, which gets a lot of use. There are a ton of paved trails and bicycle lanes throughout the town of Bend. The Old Mill District is a historic area where there was once a huge lumber mill. Today, stylish shopping thrives in this region. Several walking and bicycling pathways along both banks of the Deschutes River connect the lovely parks you will discover in the Old Mill District neighborhood if you’re seeking fresh air. Bend’s west side includes the Old Mill District, which is south of the city center. You can find every kind of food in quiet, beautiful restaurants or at unique stands that will please even the pickiest eaters.

River Rim Homes for Sale Real Estate Information

Bend has already captured your heart. Suppose you enjoy riding your mountain bike after work to chuck some dirt on Phil’s Trail, and you know the dates of all the street festivals that occur throughout the year. In that case, consider buying a home in southwest Bend, especially in the River Rim neighborhood. River Rim homes for sale range from $750,000 to nearly $1 million. Prices vary based on the type and size of the property and land, its amenities, and whether it is furnished. Most housing options on the market are ranch, traditional, and northwest-style homes. The average property in River Rim has three bedrooms and three bathrooms; however, this number could change depending on the availability of properties for sale at the time. The lots range in size from 0.13 acres to 0.60 acres.

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