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Homes for Sale in Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena, CA

You can find Pasadena bungalows for sale in Bungalow Heaven, a quiet, green, and close-knit neighborhood of historic bungalow homes from the early 20th century in Pasadena, California. Bungalow Heaven is well-known for the beautiful Craftsman-style dwellings that dot the area. Some features that stand out are the unique architectural details, the wide use of natural and native materials in homes, and the expansive porches, typically supported by cobblestone or brick pillars. The Arts and Crafts movement of the residents stood in opposition to preventing big apartment complexes and businesses from relocating to the area, highlighting the artistry of the individual craftsman and the simple beauty of nature. Through the efforts who recognized the historical significance of these homes and wanted to ensure their preservation, the neighborhood became the first in Pasadena to be granted Landmark Status. The community of Bungalow Heaven Pasadena is also placed strategically within the city. So families and homeowners relocating here, aside from the peace in the middle of the busy city, will also enjoy how close their homes are too many exceptional wellness sites, top-rated restaurants, coffee shops, and many great shopping options.

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Bungalow Heaven Pasadena CA Real Estate Information

Bungalow Heaven Pasadena CA, emphasizes the aesthetic of its homes seen in an exceptional collection of early 20th-century domestic architecture, most of which are modest single-family homes from the Arts and Crafts era. You can also see other styles such as Queen Anne, Gothic-, Spanish-, Colonial- and English Revival. Pasadena bungalows for sale cost around $800,000 to more than $900,000. More significant properties, like luxury homes, cost $1 million to $1.8 million. The average home in this neighborhood is around  830 t0 1,300 square feet with a lot size of about 10,000 sq. ft. Typical floor plans include two to six bedrooms and two to four bathroom configurations. Most of the homes in Bungalow Heaven Pasadena CA are covered in similar materials like clapboard, shingles, and stucco. Brick and stone, including river-rock boulders, are utilized for foundations, porches, chimneys, and fireplaces; the repetitive usage of gabled rooflines and the almost constant presence of front porches contribute to the architectural character of the neighborhood.

Bungalow Heaven Lifestyle and Amenities

Bungalow Heaven Pasadena not only features beautiful Craftsman-style homes but also offers residents beautiful weather and scenery, relative access to the coast, and an excellent place to raise a family. The dense, tall trees made up of California live oaks, camphor trees, and Mexican fan palms enhance the neighborhood’s visual appeal. This tree canopy also complements the gorgeous landscaping present in most front yards. Residents also enjoy many nearby possibilities for outdoor activities: performing arts centers, museums, and cultural organizations that frequently hold events in the city’s parks and green spaces. The neighborhood is also an excellent environment for children, and there are outstanding public schools with incredible staff and resources. Additionally, little to no crime happens, so the kids’ safety is guaranteed. Bungalow Heaven is worth considering if you are looking for a quiet place and prefer to settle in a smaller city yet still have access to all of a big city’s amenities.

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