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Luxury Homes in Northwest Crossings, Bend, OR

The charming and tree-lined Northwest Crossing is a well-planned neighborhood on the west side of Bend, Oregon. The community of Northwest Crossings Bend, OR, is all about livability, developed on the architectural principles of “new urbanism” that emphasize human-scale communities designed for people, not just cars; this provides residents with conveniences like restaurants, shops, parks, schools, and trails. The rapid growth of Northwest Crossings, Bend, Oregon’s population has resulted in a healthy real estate market, particularly for single-family communities and vacation homes in more traditional neighborhoods. When you stroll through the community, you will notice that the residential and commercial buildings have a distinct mid-century modern architectural style. Here in Northwest Crossings Bend, various appealing residential property options are available, so prospective buyers should have no trouble locating a house that meets their needs.

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Northwest Crossing Real Estate Information

Northwest Crossings Bend Oregon real estate has consistently outperformed other Bend neighborhoods for two decades. Architecturally, Northwest Crossing offers a great blend of bungalows, northwest craftsman, and mid-century modern homes. Single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums in the Northwest Crossing real estate development are all of a high standard and feature glamorous architectural designs. The houses in the neighborhood range from about $500,000 to $1,000,000 on average. Most of the high-end residences in the neighborhood feature an open floor plan and an expansive yard that has been meticulously designed. These luxury homes also typically have patios or front porches that can be used for outdoor living. Homes in this community, which prides itself on promoting a healthy way of life, are designed to conserve energy and living space. Homes in Northwest Crossing are required to meet Earth Advantage standards set by Earth Advantage. This home-building program focuses on recycling, landscaping, water, energy efficiency, building materials, and indoor air quality.

Northwest Crossing Sustainability

Northwest Crossings Bend, Oregon’s sustainability is also evident in many other ways. If you support environmental preservation and a green lifestyle, you will love how developers thoughtfully constructed the community with a green lifestyle and ecological conservation in mind. Here are a few ways of living when you have a home in Northwest Crossing.

  • Eco-Friendly Home Building. Homes in Northwest Crossings Bend are built according to the high standards set by Earth Advantage. Your homes will be energy efficient through duct sealing, tree shading, high-efficiency windows, lighting, and appliances.
  • Pedestrian-friendly. Northwest Crossings is known to have convenient access to necessities, so facilities like shops, schools, and medical care were built within the residential area. Residents don’t need to leave the community to run errands. The sidewalks are wide and lined with attractive landscaping and park benches, giving residents an invitation to go out walking or cycling.
  • Green Spaces. Without plenty of green spaces for relaxing and connecting with nature, a sustainable community wouldn’t be complete. The neighborhood has convenient access to wilderness areas and community-centered parks. Discovery Park, which includes a lake, picnic shelter, dog park, and active community garden, is just a few walks away.

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