Meadow Run Parkland

What Awaits You at Meadow Run Parkland

One of the sought-after guard-gated residential communities in Florida is the vibrant Meadow Run Parkland, located in the western region of the state and a few miles away from the flourishing city of Coral Springs. Parkland, Florida is home to the exclusive enclave of Meadow Run, which features well-established and meticulously managed landscaping in addition to various luxurious amenities and high-quality residential properties. Meadow Run Parkland homes for sale primarily consist of single-family houses that range in size from moderate to expansive and are constructed with at least four and up to six bedrooms, making them ideal for households with many family members. Internal floor space in many fully customized and semi-custom homes ranges typically between 2,000 sqft and 6,000 sqft, depending on the total lot size of the property. Families looking for an appealing blend of historic attributes with modern elements can find several Meadow Run Parkland homes for sale that were developed between the early 1990s and the mid-2000s.

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Meadow Run Amenities

Meadow Run Parkland is an excellent community for those who love nature since the neighborhood is graced with tree-lined pathways that serve as magnificent facades for the classy residences in the area. In addition to the lush greenery, several Meadow Run Parkland homes for sale are also set near dazzling streams and even on cul-de-sacs, which are situated away from congested roads and offer further privacy and tranquility for its homeowners. Aside from the visually-pleasing character of Meadow Run, the neighborhood also has a fantastic set of amenities provided to its community members, including well-maintained tennis courts, a kid-friendly playground, and a dedicated HOA that ensures peace and order across the community. Another great feature of Meadow Run is its proximity to Miami, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale. Residents are conveniently located adjacent to world-famous beaches, high-end shopping, and exciting nightlife, giving them more options to have fun.

Entertainment and Recreation for Residents

The area surrounding the community of Meadow Run Parkland features an extensive selection of high-quality dining places and leisure facilities where guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment options. Here are some of the famous restaurants and recreational sites around Meadow Run:

  • Bluefin Parkland – a trendy spot to enjoy sushi and other Japanese delicacies in addition to unique Thai dishes.
  • Ethos Greek Bistro – perfect spot if you are in the mood for authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Runyon’s of Coral Springs – a renowned gourmet steakhouse located a short drive from Meadow Run.
  • Butterfly World in Coconut Creek – one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the South Florida area. The botanical gardens, home to over 20,000 butterflies, are a sight to behold for individuals, couples, and families alike.
  • Coral Springs Museum of Art – discover a remarkable collection of modern crafts by local and foreign artists.
  • Meadow Run is a great place to call home for golfers because there are several prestigious courses within a short distance from the neighborhood.

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