Map of Tampa Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Divisions

The map of Tampa neighborhoods has a total of six divided regions. The divisions separate Ybor City, Brooklyn Village, New Tampa, Downtown Tampa, West Tampa, and Channel District. The neighborhood’s management is the Neighborhood and Community Relations. It serves as a resource for residents and businesspeople. Many areas in Tampa have names even though they don’t fall into the neighborhood relations categories. Tampa is an old city, meaning it has a lot of history and has grown over the years. You’ll want to know what neighborhood you’re living in. That will help you find houses or apartments near other places like work or school. If you’re planning to move here, you’d want to ensure you don’t waste time traveling back and forth. So it’s vital to refer to a map of Tampa neighborhoods. The map will save you time and resources and familiarize you with the area you’re moving into.

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Best Areas In the Tampa Neighborhoods Map

Tampa has many neighborhoods. They used to be little towns but grew and became part of the bigger Tampa Neighborhoods Map. Each community on the Tampa Neighborhoods map has different charms. Some of the best neighborhoods include Ybor, Channelside District, and Hyde Park. Ybor is a part of Tampa that people like to visit because they can go there during the day or at night. Ybor was once called the Cigar Capital. Today, Ybor has become more than just one place where people smoke cigars. It now has shops and restaurants too. The Channel District is an enjoyable place with many skyscrapers and stores. Hence, you can explore establishments offering food and drinks, including food from an award-winning James Beard chef. Forest Hills is a beautiful area with many trees, where families can live peacefully. There are several golf courses there as well as great restaurants and parks. Many young adults like staying in this neighborhood because it has charming schools. Hyde Park is a historic place where people walk on brick-paved sidewalks. One notable thing about this place is that it has the longest sidewalk in the world. The area is known for its art and cafes.

Forgotten Map of Localities In Tampa

Dobyville was one of the first Tampa, FL, neighborhoods where African-Americans lived in Tampa. It’s been around since the 1900s. Ingrained segregation was in the town’s foundations, and Dobyville served as a place for African Americans to call home after their day’s work. Most people there worked as cooks, servers, or nannies for wealthy white families who resided in Hyde Park. One man that had a tremendous impact on the town of Dobyville was Robert Cornellus Doby. After buying vast land in this region, Mr. Doby donated money for the town’s school and Zion Cemetery. Doby was a well-known resident in Hyde Park among African American and White communities. He was a businessman in various fields. Doby bought Zion Cemetery in 1901, and it made a big difference to the residents’ lives because they had a place to bury their loved ones when before they didn’t have one. Dobyville would shrink over time due to developments in Tampa Bay. The effects caused it to lose much of its history, especially since there were no designated areas for historical buildings.

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