Living in San Mateo

What’s it like living in San Mateo, California

San Mateo County is one of the most desirable places to settle in all of California because of its convenient location, high quality of life, an abundance of exciting attractions, and affordable housing options. San Mateo County is dedicated to improving the lives of its residents. San Mateo County is located just a short drive from the stunning San Francisco Bay. Families living in San Mateo County can take advantage of the Bay Area’s amenities in one of the County’s many parks, such as Bayfront Park, Harborview Park, or Ryder Park. In addition to a marina and hotels, the area is rife with food establishments alongside the scenic splendor of the San Francisco Bay. Residents have easy access to a wide variety of first-rate parks, beaches, and other recreational opportunities. San Mateo County maintains the upkeep of several recreational spaces, trails, and historical landmarks. Coyote Point and Crystal Springs are only two of the over 22 parks, trails, and historical sites throughout the County.

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Communities in San Mateo

You’ll find quaint communities in San Mateo County with their personalities and allure. Here’s a list of some of the best places to live in San Mateo County:

  • Burlingame is often called the “City of Trees” due to the abundance of trees inside city limits. Some of the best homes can be found in Burlingame, California, recognized as one the best city in the state. It’s renowned for its spacious waterfront and excellent quality of life.
  • San Mateo: a prosperous community well-known for its rich history and central location in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of the city’s workforce is employed in the service industries. San Mateo combines the advantages of city and suburban life with its thriving economy and plenty of natural places.
  • Hillsborough: It’s no secret that the mansions in Hillsborough are some of the most expensive in the world. Their opulent grandeur and luxurious amenities have driven their prices into the millions. Hillsborough brags about its magnificent sights, especially the historic structures in the vicinity, despite the need for more tourism infrastructure or eateries within the town limits.



While many cities in the Valley are primarily residential, San Mateo has a fantastic downtown. There are numerous dining establishments, a variety of entertainment venues, and a movie theater, all within a short walking distance from one another. San Mateo has everything you could need, so you won’t have to leave the city to shop. You will not be bored living in San Mateo CA—many people like running or walking at Coyote Point because it is right on the Bay. Riders of bicycles are a common sight on the neighborhood’s steep inclines. You’ll find a practice facility and two courses, perfect for any golf fan. And it’s a quick drive to any of the Bay Area’s many beautiful parks and nature preserves that offer excellent hiking. San Mateo is a great place to live for any person or family. Its equidistance to San Jose and San Francisco is typically a source of pride for homeowners who appreciate the flexibility it offers. Despite the high cost, many housing options are available, from modest apartments to spacious mansions.

The beautiful County of San Mateo provides its citizens with a higher standard of living. Look at for more information on the areas and communities that make up the County.

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