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Rio Rico, sometimes known as “Rich River,” is a 39,000-acre master-planned community located west of the Santa Cruz River and nestled amid the rolling foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains and San Cayetano Mountains. You’ll find a variety of residential areas in addition to commercial and industrial hubs in the area. Rio Rico’s rich history is celebrated through visits to historical places such as abandoned settlements, churches, and ranches. Still, it welcomes outsiders with open arms, helping to cultivate a feeling of togetherness and acceptance. Homes for sale Rio Rico AZ is the cheapest in the state, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking for an affordable place to live near Nogales. Rio Rico houses are known for their large yards, perfect for enjoying the pleasant climate throughout the year. Its many distinct neighborhoods offer great choices for first-time buyers. Professionals working in the area’s growing business and industrial areas can also take advantage of the area’s communities’ handy housing solutions. Rio Rico is an attractive place to live and work because of its harmonious balance between natural beauty, historical charm, and reasonable living costs.


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Why move to the neighborhood?

Rio Rico is loved by many since it has the cheapest real estate market in all of Arizona. Because of this, it’s an excellent option for people looking for a lovely, low-cost residence. Because of this, locals can maintain a comfortable standard of living without breaking the bank. Apart from its low price, Rio Rico has a lot going for it. The town’s location at the base of the Santa Rita and San Cayetano Mountains is stunning, and the surrounding landscape is peaceful. Rio Rico is made even more attractive by its location next to the Santa Cruz River. The river serves as a picturesque backdrop and a place to go fishing, kayaking, and having a picnic. The river significantly contributes to the area’s charm and peace. Rio Rico residents also value and protect their unique history and culture. With ghost towns, historic missions, and ranches dotting the landscape, there is a glimpse into the past. The region’s unique history and the individuals who shaped it can be better understood by visiting these historical places open to the public.


Things to do around Rio Rico AZ

Rio Rico is a popular tourist attraction for people who value history and stunning landscapes. The following are some local attractions you can visit:

  • Rio Rico History Museum: The artifacts on display at the Rio Rico History Museum were gathered from all over Rio Rico to illustrate its history better and to encourage visitors to learn more about the communities’ fascinating past.
  • Patagonia Lake State Park: Somewhere amid the gentle hills of southeast Arizona lies an undiscovered gem. White-tailed deer and great blue herons are familiar sights in Patagonia Lake State Park. Fishing, water skiing, camping, picnicking, and hiking are just some year-round activities that may be enjoyed at Patagonia Lake State Park.
  • Pena Blanco Lake: Pena Blanca Lake is a year-round destination for those searching for water and outdoor fun. The 49 acres of Pea Blanca Canyon near Nogales are filled with clear blue water, making it an ideal spot to bask in the sun and unwind.


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