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Follow Up Boss Reviews and Insights on Streamlining Your Real Estate Business

What exactly is Follow Up Boss? It is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform with useful integrations specifically designed for real estate professionals. Let us share Follow Up Boss reviews and how to streamline your business and achieve greater productivity and organization.

You can effortlessly import and categorize leads from various sources, such as websites, lead-generation platforms, and social media. It allows you to track interactions, set reminders, and assign tasks within the CRM, ensuring prompt follow-ups and maximizing conversion rates. Maintain a consistent and timely dialogue with your prospects through its communication tools for email, SMS/text messaging, and a built-in dialer for phone follow-ups. While it does not permit personalized salutations, other fonts, colors, or label designs, it is equipped with effective email templates to boost communication efforts. Optimize your processes, and allocate resources effectively through website activity tracking, customizable dashboards, and reports to identify areas for improvement. These features will help you save time, streamline your workflows, and focus on building relationships and closing deals.


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Reviews and User Experience

Follow Up Boss has comprehensive features and a user-friendly interface. Reviews highlight how easy it is to navigate the platform. Here are actual testimonials gathered from the web:

“Follow Up Boss is a fantastic system to keep track of clients. It allows you to easily track clients and take notes. There’s also an easy way to set up easy communications automatically by either email and even texting. It automatically lets you see these transactions.” Review collected by and hosted on as shared by Matthew L., January 10, 2023

“Our experience with FUB and its partners has been seamless, Their development and support teams are top-tier and extremely well-educated not only in the implementation and use of their own system but that of their tech partners.” Review collected by and hosted on as shared by Joe C., February 1, 2023

Follow Up Boss continues to receive positive reviews due to its efficient lead management capabilities, practical communication tools, and valuable reporting features. Learn more about the functionalities through the demo videos on their YouTube Channel and website.


How Follow Up Boss Boosts Productivity for Realtors

  1. Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface. The clean design and well-organized layout provide a seamless user experience, allowing real estate professionals to focus on their leads and tasks without being overwhelmed by complex functionality.
  2. Efficient Lead Management: It has the most feature-rich lead import option enabling you to add unique fields during the import procedure and preserve all of your lead information.
  3. Team Management: For lead distribution, options include assigning leads by source, tracking leads by source, round-robin, lead pools, and customized combos. Adding lenders to your team is also an option that can be readily filtered, assigned, and tracked.

By implementing Follow Up Boss into daily operations, real estate professionals can increase productivity and bring their businesses to new heights of efficiency and success.


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