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New Year’s Eve Games for Family in Coastal Orange County

We celebrate the new year every year; it symbolizes a new beginning and hope. We always celebrate it with fireworks, parades, and gatherings; it can be with friends, families, and relatives. Many people believe that the new year brings luck and success. 

Celebrating the new year usually, people are with their loved ones. Gatherings and reunions are the common ways to celebrate it. People are preparing New Year’s Eve games for family, colleagues, friends, and loved ones to make it entertaining. 

Some places offer services on New Year’s Eve in celebration of the upcoming year, such as:

Knott’s New Year’s Eve Party

Knott’s New Year’s Eve Party

It operates from 8 am to 1 am. It includes a fireworks display, live entertainment, and an hour extension for the guest to pack up before leaving. It also has fun activities for the whole family to enjoy; there are also live bands together with stand-up comedians. The live countdown for the year’s final moments, extra noisemaker, party hats are also included to make it extra special.

Golfland New Year’s Eve Party

Operates from 8 pm to 1 am, located at 3200 Carpenter Avenue Anaheim, CA. It offers New Year’s Eve games for the family, such as mini-golf, bumper boats, laser tag, and race cars.

New Year’s Eve at Holiday Skate

Located at 175 N. Wayfield, Orange, CA, it operates from 8 pm to 1 am. It offers an entire night of fun skate rink that includes skating, pizza, hats, horns, contests, and prizes to make it extra fun.

What to Do in Orange County on New Year’s Eve

What to do in orange county on New Year’s Eve

The most common event in Orange County during New Year’s Eve is celebrating it by having a family gathering, reunion with friends, or having small meetings with specific groups with friends or colleagues. Fireworks are also blown when the clock hits midnight. Noisemakers and games are examples of the events during New Year’s Eve.

Traditional New Year’s event

We all know that it’s noisy outside every new year, fireworks are blowing, and noises are using pots and pans. The World has these everyday things that people have done during recent years eve. Some of these are preparing Nochebuena, having fireworks display outside, making a toast, and even a kiss at midnight, throwing water out of a window (signifies cleansing) 

New Year’s Eve of 2021

New Year’s Eve of 2021

Coronavirus has spread around the World since 2019; traditions before the pandemic were limited because of the virus roaming around. The World was forced to restrict its movement, masks were flying around the corner, and some people chose to stay inside their homes instead of going out to celebrate the New Year; they chose safety over their wants, and protocols were followed. Though it wasn’t like how it was used to celebrate, fireworks didn’t disappear at the sky, which is the primary signature of New Year.

Final Thoughts

Before the pandemic, the New Year wasn’t as strict as today, some countries are still recovering from the virus, and some graduated wearing facemasks. The true meaning of the new year wasn’t affected by the virus lurking around. There are still gatherings but limited people; celebrations are made but still follow the safety protocols provided by the government.

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