Andy Warhol Sex Part And All The Pop Art That It Inspired

Andy Warhol’s Sex Part

Andy Warhol is not a stranger to sexually-charged imagery. So, it’s no surprise that he’d create the Andy Warhol Sex Part collection. According to his friends, he referred to it as the “Cocks, Cunts, and Assholes series.” He started the art collection in 1977. In addition, he worked on it at the same time as his Torso collection. These are some of the most personal series for him. He pushed boundaries. More than that, he obscured the lines between porn and art. Most importantly, it made an impact on those who saw the sketches. It was an exposition of what was then taboo for conservative America. Regardless, The Andy Warhol Sex Part collection release was in 1978. The set of six screenprints, each signed in pencil and numbered 23/30, is still available today. The prints on HMP woven paper got published by Rupert Jasen Smith for Andy Warhol Enterprises, Inc.

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Mating Part Polaroids

The idea for the collections started when a man approached Andy Warhol. The man was boasting about his impressive penis size. Warhol responded by taking out his camera and snapping a shot. Then the Andy Warhol sex photos got tucked away in a box labeled “Sex Parts.” He uncovered the box again in 1977. The rediscovery inspired Warhol to make the Andy Warhol Sex Part series of art based on the polaroids. The collection comes from a series of photographs Warhol’s assistant took. The polaroids were of men and women from various bathhouse photoshoots and clubs. The equipment used was a 35mm camera and a Polaroid Bigshot. It was important for Andy Warhol to create a series without any usual connection. Instead of eyes connecting, he used intimate parts to develop intimacy with the audience. Warhol told his team to respond to criticism by saying “it’s art” and “they’re landscapes.” As such, he captured the beautiful slopes and intricate crevices of the human body. Moreover, they were provocative pieces and a social commentary on the collective values of America at the time.

Sex Parts of Andy Warhol And His Story

Outside the Andy Warhol Sex Parts series, he had a controversial sex life. He claimed to be a virgin in an interview back in the 1980s. However, this fact remained in limbo as club kid James St. James, back in September 2021, claimed that Warhol had a sizeable unit and had sex. Andy was a frequent partygoer. He often visited clubs and spots like Studio 54, where Club Kids like Rupaul and Erni Glam hung out. This social lifestyle is probably integral to his works and creative genius. But depending on who is asked, Warhol may not have had any sex. In “The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol,” actress Viva insists that Warhol had no sex life. Part of Warhol’s unreadable charm is that he was neither one nor the other. He was a creature of mystery that moved into the art world with conditional freedom. That is to say, the conditions of his freedom were his. And whether or not he had any form of sexual interaction, his understanding of the culture made him a powerful creative that made things possible.

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