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Finding homes in California neighborhoods with character might be nothing new, but each still offers a slightly different living experience. Adams Point is one of those communities that’s subtle and often overlooked. But it’s a hidden gem in the Oakland region. For starters, Adams Point homes for sale have ornate architectural features that are reminiscent of Noe Valley in San Francisco. You’ll see a combination of tall Art Deco apartments, Mission-style buildings, Craftsman homes, and Edwardian houses. Despite that, it maintains a dense urban feel that’s safe for families to move into. Many might describe it as a hipster neighborhood, but it’s really just a well-connected community that’s endured gentrification through the years. On top of that, there are also community amenities that serve to keep the community social and fun. It’s also close to a combination of old and new attractions that perfectly reflect how the community has evolved.


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Exploring What’s Around Adams Point Homes For Sale

Within a 20-minute walk, there are three playgrounds in Adams Point, including the newly rebuilt Snow Park, and Lake Merritt, It provides Adams Point residents with over three miles of continuous access to waterfront views. But there are more things you can do and visit beyond the playgrounds, whether that’s within the community or just a few minute’s drive away. Written below is a list you can refer to if you’re new to the neighborhood and want to explore the community.


  • Oak Glen Park
  • Oak Park
  • St. Andrew’s Park
  • Empowerment Park
  • Mosswood Park
  • Eastshore Park
  • Fairyland Hill
  • Peralta Park
  • Wilma Chan Park
  • Lincoln Square Park
  • Chinese Garden Park
  • Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
  • Lafayette Square
  • Jefferson Square Park


  • Oakland YMCA
  • Oakland Ice Center


  • Escape Oakland
  • Childrens’ Fairyland


  • Fox Theater
  • Paramount Theatre Oakland
  • The New Parkway Theater
  • Grand Lake Theatre


  • African American Museum and Library at Oakland
  • Pardee Home Museum
  • Museum of Children’s Arts
  • The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment
  • Foster Youth Museum Blog
  • Oakland Museum Of California
  • Rotary Nature Center
  • Sneaker Museum Oakland
  • Camron-Stanford House


Eating Out Near Adams Point

With Whole Foods, a Grocery Outlet, and Sprouts just blocks away, the area’s day-to-day convenience is hard to surpass. Some regulars visit the wonderful and cool Grand Lake Kitchen every week. The Grand Lake Farmer’s Market is the best place in California to go on a Saturday to pick up all things fresh, and Bay Grape hosts exciting and informative wine events. Food is an essential part of the Adams Point. So we’ve put the list down below for you to get your food journey rolling.


  • Coach Sushi
  • Jong Ga House
  • Enssaro Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Bacheesos
  • Limón
  • Judoku Sushi
  • Dan Sung Sa
  • Gogi Time
  • Drake’s Dealership
  • World Famous Hotboys Chicken
  • The Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill
  • Shan Dong


  • Awaken Cafe & Roasting
  • Summit Hill Cafe
  • Petit Cafe
  • RAWR Cafe
  • Z Cafe & Bar
  • Equator Coffees
  • 1888 Coffee Station
  • Farley’s East
  • The Coffee Mill
  • Good News Cafe
  • Coco Cafe
  • Aroma Cafe


  • Grocery Outlet
  • Spotty’s Market
  • Sprouts Farmer Market
  • Target

Bars & Pubs:

  • The Double Standard
  • Mad Oak Bar ‘n’ Yard
  • Level 13 Ultra Lounge
  • 19th Street Station
  • Oeste
  • Room 389


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